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Florida State University made a very poor decision and it involved, of course…Social Media. A social media campaign that promoted fan’s to get to know Heisman trophy winner and FSU quarterback Jameis Winston.

The department attempted to engage fans on Twitter by asking questions that they would use for a video on the team website. I don’t know if this was the marketing department or sports information’s idea… but whatever department and people involved need to be FIRED. Social Media is an easy way for people, organizations, and society to attack without consequences.

So you tell me…. Would this be a good person to choose for this campaign?

For those of you not familiar with the star of Tallahassee, Florida he is the 2013 Heisman-Trophy winner and two-sport collegiate athlete. Winston was investigated in an alleged sexual assault of a female student last season but was never charged. He was also suspended from the baseball team for three games and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service after being cited for stealing $32-worth of crab legs from a local grocery store. There were also other minor run-ins with authorities, but no arrests.

^^Needless to say, after all the problems you have faced with this guy how did you not think that inappropriate questions were going to be asked?

As an institution you’re already in the spotlight for having one of the best athletic programs in the nation along with the best player. So why would you not guard those rare commodities rather than putting it on social media for the world to make jokes?

FSU Sports Information Director Elliott Finebloom had this to say…

“I knew there was going to be some negativity going into it. The goal of the Twitter Q&A was to continue to find ways to connect our fans and the players they support. That’s important to us … and social is a big way of doing it these days. That was the ultimate goal.”

Here’s just a few tweets FSU had to deal with…

“Do you know that you have to Buy One to get One Free at Publix [Super Markets]?”

“Who gave you better protection last year — your offensive line or the TPD?”—TPD is short for the Tallahassee Police Department.


 Touché’ people… Touché.


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