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Sugar, spice, and heat? Little League sensation Mo’Ne Davis has been turning heads and taking names. The 13-year old right-handed pitcher from South Philly has been the star player of the Taney Dragons and  led the team to their first ever Little League World Series. So far, she took the W in a 6-5 semi-final win and two days later got another by throwing a three hit COMPLETE GAME shutout. Not to mention, Friday, she takes the mound as the first female since 2004 to play in the LLWS.

I love baseball, but what do I love more than baseball? A girl who strikes out boys.  She tosses high fastballs that sits in the upper 60s and can touch 70 mph. So needless to say, I’m going to watch. What would be more entertaining than watching a bunch of egotistical little males sulk their way to the bench… because they lost to a girl! I can already see myself laughing out loud.

Everybody want’s to hear from little miss Davis. From Dodger’s pitcher Clayton Kershaw, to Ellen DeGeneres, and even shows like ‘Inside Edition’.  Kershaw even congratulated Mo’Ne and even agreed to a pitch off…

Now I know the big question is: Do her teammates have a crush?

Mo’s mom said that’s all too familiar, but not anymore.

“They used to. I was going through her phone – this was probably like two years ago – I was going through her phone and one of them was like, ‘Oh, Mo, do you have a boyfriend?’ I brought it to the coaches’ attention . . . and that was resolved. So now they look at Mo as their sister. They protect Mo.”

I’m excited to watch the little league world series, but I am more excited to see this girl take over the game of baseball.

Next matchup is this Friday at 3 p.m. ET, against South Nashville’s hometown team and Southeast champions.



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