Clippers are on another level

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville

Thanks to new owner Steve Ballmer the clippers are reaching a whole new level…of crazy. The Los Angeles Clippers had a rally today introducing former Microsoft CEO and new owner. Doc Rivers introduction for Ballmer was priceless, “Today is not even about us. It’s about this other guy, that just happens to have 2 billion in his pocket.” You should have seen the entrance Ballmer made, making his way through the fans like a boxer ready to take the ring blasting Eminem ‘Lose Yourself’. It was incredible…

His speech included stomping, screaming, hollering, and high-fives to players and fans…But this should be expected of Ballmer…He has a reoccurring history of getting ‘turnt up’…

One of my favorite quotes from today’s rally..

“I can’t be more honored, excited, or fired up to be here,” he said. “Everything is about looking forward from now on. We made lemonade out of lemons and still won 57 games last year.”

I am going to be one of those bandwagon fans for the clippers just because of Ballmer. I have never seen an owner have so much love and enthusiasm for running a team. I’m excited to see how Ballmer handles the organization and I’m even more pumped about his future appearances.


OH and PS— Ballmer PUBLICLY shared his e-mail address:


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