The Greg Pogue & Big Joe Show Presents: In-Vince-ible

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The Greg Pogue & Big Joe Show Presents: In-Vince-ible

Every Friday on the Greg Pogue and Big Joe Show, Vince Gill joins the guys to make his football picks for the weekend. So far, Vince is leading the club house with a record of 21-11 for a 66% winning percentage. Each week, he has a special “secret” picker to come on a pick against him. Joe and Greg also join the fun. Make sure you tune in every Friday at 8am on 94.9 Game 2.

Here are the standings through Week 8:

Vince 21-11 66%
Joe 18-14 56%
Greg 18-14 56%
Guests 17-14 55%*

*Dawn Davenport picked in Wk 2 and was covering a game that she did not make a selection for.

Here are the selections for Week 9:

Week Game Line Vince Greg Joe Guest Guest Name Winner
9 UA v. UT Bama -17 Bama Bama Tenn Bama Sam Bush
9 Mizz v. VU Mizz -23 Mizzou Vandy Vandy Mizzou Sam Bush
9 Miss v. LSU Miss -3.5 Miss LSU LSU LSU Sam Bush
9 Texans v. Titans Texans -2.5 Texans Titans Texans Titans Sam Bush
Win 0 0 0 0
Loss 0 0 0 0

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