Browns Blowout Bengals 24-3

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Browns Blowout Bengals 24-3

The Cleveland Browns were supposed to be rebuilding this year, and grooming the QB of the future.

Things have happened though to throw a wrench in that process, including a breakout win over the Cincinnati Bengals on the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football 24-3.

The Browns made Andy Dalton’s night miserable by a relentless pass rush from their defensive ends, something that caused Dalton to have his worst career performance on a national stage.Dalton’s stat line Thursday:10-33 86 yards passing, and 3 interceptions. For someone who just signed a long-term extension to be the franchise quarterback, Dalton took a drastic step back. It’s been a pattern of blowouts the majority of Thursday night games this year, with only a handful of decent games to talk about. On the other side,everything went well with all 3 Browns running backs scoring a rushing touchdown, and Brian Hoyer leading the Browns to their first division road victory since 2008. With the victory, Cleveland moves into a tie for first place in the AFC North with the red hot Pittsburgh Steelers at 6-3. Not bad for a rebuilding year at Cleveland, and with all the media hype focused on a inefficient and struggling Cavaliers basketball team.

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