Brink of Chaos?

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Brink of Chaos?

As of writing this article the SEC West standings look like this: Mississippi State at 5-0 in conference play. Alabama and Auburn are both 4-1 in SEC games. Ole Miss is 4-2 and LSU is 3-2 in the SEC and Texas A&M and Arkansas are out of the mix. So 5 teams are still alive. And there is a possible scenario that we could be looking at a 5 team tie in the SEC West. Hear me out. The chaos begins with LSU beating Alabama tonight in Baton Rouge. That would give Alabama their 2nd conference loss, same as LSU. Then next week Alabama beats Mississippi State giving the Bulldogs their 1st loss. Then going into the last weekend of the season we have 1 loss Mississippi State playing 2 loss Ole Miss and 1 loss Auburn playing 2 loss Alabama. Imagine if Alabama and Ole Miss both beat their bitter rivals in pivotal home games and the rest of the SEC West games went to the perceived favorites. We would then be looking at 5 SEC West teams tied for the division title, all with 2 losses: Alabama to Ole Miss and LSU, Auburn to Mississippi State and Alabama, LSU to Auburn and Mississippi State, Ole Miss to Auburn and LSU, and Mississippi State to Alabama and Ole Miss. If this happens the College Football Playoff Selection Committee would be forced to look at all 5 teams as possible candidates. Of course the possibility of a 5 team tie all depends on what happens tonight between Alabama and LSU. But even if Alabama holds serve and eliminates the Tigers, a possible 4 team tie still exists if Georgia beats Auburn and then Auburn beats Alabama. I think the old BCS computer just exploded.

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