NBA Basketball is Back!

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville

                         The NBA basketball season tipped off a little over a week ago. After a boat load of off season anticipation for fans and teams alike, we finally have basketball. We finally have the new look Cleveland Cavs, and hate them or love them you gotta admit that you couldnt wait to see them play that first game against the Knicks. On a side note did you see all the festivities leading up to that game? Pretty awesome. Too bad they lost. Now although I dont expect the Cavs to have a phenominal start of the season, I did expect them to beat the Knicks. All the buzz and fanfare in Cleveland that day, added with the Knicks and their early struggles with this new triangle – not to mention the Knicks got spanked the night before by the Bulls – that should easily spell victory for the Cavs right? Wrong. And now after a week, the Cavs are struggling and some fans are panicking. But like LeBron said (or Aaron Rogers if you will), relax. I strongly feel they will be a contender as the season rolls. I mean they have LeBron. They have no choice right?

                          Is Derrick Rose cursed or something? The entire Bulls nation have prayed for his knees to remain healthy, and now they have to add ankles to the prayer. After a great summer its just disappointing that his injury issues pop up so early in the season. I just hope that he can turn his injury problems around because the guy can ball and the league is better when he’s playing. Plus I have him on my fantasy team…


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