The Greg Pogue & Big Joe Show’s In-Vince-Ible Picks 11-14

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The Greg Pogue & Big Joe Show's In-Vince-Ible Picks 11-14

This week’s edition was a HUGE treat. The Great Charlie Daniels joined the show and made his selections, but first let’s look at last week.

Week Game Line Vince Greg Joe Guest Guest Name
11 Bama v. LSU Bama -6.5 LSU LSU Bama LSU Joe Fisher
11 UGA v. UK UGA -10 UGA UK UK UK Joe Fisher
11 FLA v. VU FLA -14.5 Vandy Vandy Fla Vandy Chase McCabe
11 Titans v. Ravens Ravens -10 Titans Ravens Ravens Titans Joe Fisher
Win 1 1 3 0
Loss 3 3 1 4

The current standings for the year are:

Season Standings
Vince Greg Joe Guest
Win 25 24 25 21
Loss 19 20 19 22
Perc. 57% 55% 57% 49%

Now, here are this weeks Picks:

Week Game Line Vince Greg Joe Guest Guest Name
12 Tenn v. UK Tenn -8.5 UK Tenn Tenn Tenn Charlie Daniels
12 MT v. FIU MT -5 MT FIU FIU MT Charlie Daniels
12 Ala. V. Ms. St Bama -8.5 MS. ST. MS. ST. Bama MS. ST. Charlie Daniels
12 Titans v. Steelers Steelers -6 Steelers Steelers Titans Steelers Charlie Daniels

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