The Ups and Downs of Fantasy Basketball

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The moment when you make your final fantasy basketball draft pick, exit the draft room, look at your team from top to bottom and then you say, “Man I’m gonna be unstoppable this year!”

Fast forward a couple of weeks into the season and now you find yourself so deep in the waiver pool you need a snorkle. Plagued by the big red O’s and DTD’s that sit beside your keys players’ names. Yeah we’ve all been through it at one point in time in the wonderful world of fantasy basketball.

So whos been your fantasy bust so far? I have two. The first one is Danilo Gallinari. Yes of course I know he was out all season due to injury. But doesnt sitting out an entire season and not to mention having the entire summer to heal up and get back to form mean anything anymore? No I didnt expect him to come out the gate putting up 25 and 10 every night, but I also didnt expect him to come out the gate on a minutes restriction. And now he’s so lost in the bench I almost forgot what he looked like. I cant even remember who I replaced him with.

And then theres good ol Derrick Rose. So I took a big gamble by drafting him first overall (yea I know, leave me alone). What can I say, I was wooed by his full participation in the World Cup this past summer. And now Im terrified to even watch him play. Everytime the man gets on the court something on his body gets hurt. And Im stuck with him! Nobody wants an injury plagued point guard that plays with wreckless abandon everytime he touches a Spalding. So now I say a prayer before every Bulls game. Somebody should give D Rose a degree in injury so that from here on out you have to write his name Derrick Rose DTD. Im just saying…

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