End Of An Era At Michigan

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End Of An Era At Michigan

Whether it is a good era or a bad era I’ll let you all be the judge. But today did however more than likely mark an end of the Brady Hoke period. Todays loss to Ohio State (I’ll keep it professional and save the Buckeye jabs since this is my job) leaves my Michigan Wolverines football season with a dismal 5-7 record and no eligibility for a bowl game. It goes without saying to the U-M faithful that every season under Coach Hoke we have declined. And not to mention there were questions of him being on the hot seat before this season even began. As the season grew older the cries for Coach Hoke to be fired grew louder. Today looks to be the nail in the coffin on his head coaching duties in Ann Arbor. What really upsets me is that he really was a great guy who was passionate about the school and really did care for the kids who played for him. However without wins not many people care about your overall character.

So where does that leave us now? I for one have been quietly wishing for a terrible season by the 49ers so that Jim Harbaugh may return. But even if he doesn’t come back to coach Michigan I’m confident that the administration will bring in someone to turn the program around. Someone told me a few weeks back the college football is better when Michigan is winning… Man I Agree. Although this season was a disappointing one, I still thank you Coach Brady Hoke

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