The Chicago Cubs Are Putting Right Pieces To The Puzzle

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The Chicago Cubs Are Putting Right Pieces To The Puzzle

The Chicago Cubs have made splashes in free agency before, but this year it seems different. Could the lovable losers in Chicago win their 1st World Series since 1908?

On Tuesday, the prized pitching jewel of free agency decided to take his talents to the Chicago Cubs, where he will reunite with Theo Epstein. Epstein helped mold a championship team out of the Boston Red Sox, who were at the time in a championship drought themselves. Now I am not saying that Chicago is going all the way to  the championship, but the pieces are falling into place for a contender. The Cubs were dreadful last year, finishing 73-89 on the season and last in the NL Central. Coaching was a factor in the pitiful record, and Chicago addressed that this off season as well hiring former Tampa Bay Manager Joe Maddon.

It also helps Chicago has 2 of the top 5 prospects in the 2014 prospect watch in their farm system, a crucial part of a teams success. Is Jonathan Lester the missing part to this young but promising team? No, but within the next 3 years I would not be surprised if this franchise is in the playoffs.

Would you ever think a ace pitcher would turn down the Boston Red Sox for the Chicago Cubs? Times are changing in the NL  Central as evident with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Chicago Cubs could be the new surprise with the addition of Lester.

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