My Pick For The Titans? Amari Cooper

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville

It’s finally over Titan fans, and hopefully it never happens again. The 2014 Tennessee Titans finished the year 2-14, a franchise record that players wish they were not associated with. Can you blame them?

A season that seemed destined for numerous wins after a convincing win over the Kansas City Chiefs Week 1, turned sour and fast. I have heard different opinions on who the Titans should draft, but one player sticks out to in my mind-Amari Cooper. Why a wide receiver with a team in desperate need all over the depth chart? Look at the teams currently in the playoffs. Every team playing this January has one of two things. A franchise quarterback or big named wide receiver. Manning has Demarius Thomas on the outside. Rodgers can throw to Nelson or Cobb. Andy Dalton has AJ Green to throw it up for to make a play. See a trend here? The NFL has changed the rules,and game, in favor of offense players. If the Titans drafted Cooper, they would not only be set at the wide receiver position, it would give Tennessee a name people and fans could associate with. Outside of this state, could anyone name a Titans player? Not very likely. The team I would like to see Tennessee mimic their draft philosophy, is the Detroit Lions. After years of missing earlier in the draft, a big name wide receiver named Calvin Johnson was available ironically at the number 2 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. The Lions took Johnson, and have built the offense around himself and Matthew Stafford.


The Titans have a lot of holes to fill on their roster however ,with a free agency plan and drafting Amari Cooper at 2, the Titans could turn this franchise around.

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