What If: The Quarterback Plan for the Patriots

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What If: The Quarterback Plan for the Patriots

Let’s start with the facts…

Fact: According to the Wells report, Tom Brady, Patriots Quarterback, Four Time Super Bowl Champion, allegedly (my favorite word) had knowledge that the footballs were altered in some way before the AFC Championship game against the Colts.
Fact:  The NFL, after reviewing the findings in the Wells report, suspended Tom Brady for four games to start the 2015 NFL Season.
Fact: Don Yee, Tom Brady’s agent, said they will appeal the suspension.

Yee, said in a statement, “In my opinion, this outcome was pre-determined; there was no fairness in the Wells investigation whatsoever, there is no evidence that Tom directed the footballs be set at pressures below the allowable limits.”

Okay, I think we are caught up now.

So what’s next? Let’s say Brady loses the appeal and on Week 1, New England begins the Jimmy Garoppolo Era, at least for four games or five weeks due to the Patriots bye. Who is his backup? Right now, it would be Garrett Gilbert. Who? Exactly. So who do the Patriots turn to IF Garoppolo A. is injured or B. stinks it up as the starter.

So let’s play “what if?” The available QB Free Agents are:

Matt Flynn: Appeared in 7 games in 2014 for the Green Bay Packers. Went 8 of 16 passing for 66 yards and an interception. Last start was in 2011.

Tarvaris Jackson: Appeared in 1 game for Seattle in 2014 and went 1 for 1 passing for 0 yards. Last start was in 2011.

Michael Vick: Appeared in 9 games for the Jets in 2014, 64 of 121 passing for 604 yards with 3 TDS and 1 INT.

Vick would probably be the most logical choice if the Patriots are looking for a guy with a lot of experience and a history of winning, but… how much does he have left in the tank at 34 years old? When looking at what would be available for the Patriots, there isn’t much (hey Tebow probably won’t make it through camp with the Eagles, maybe he gets a call? Kidding…) So who could the Patriots turn to if Plan B goes bad?

Jake Locker

What?! Are you kidding? Seriously?! That’s what you’re telling me?!

Yes… Jake Locker says he’s done with football. Okay, do you really buy that? If that’s really the case, he would close out a four year career with a 79.0 passer rating, 27 TDs 22 INTs and a 57.5 completion percentage. Folks, that’s not horrible… and if you look at what he was doing in 2013 for the Titans before he was hurt, there was promise…

Locker claims to be done with football. I don’t believe him, but if he is, best of luck. If he isn’t… This is an opportunity that wasn’t there three  months ago when he rode off into the sunset. There is a knock on Locker that he can’t stay healthy. And it’s true, up until this point he hasn’t been able to stay off the shelf. But, it’s not like you’re asking him to play 16 games. You’re asking him to come in and be a back up. If you’re Jake Locker, perhaps playing for a guy like Bill Belichick and an organization like the Patriots is just what you need to help find that desire again. Plus, let’s face it, this would be his BEST shot of getting a Super Bowl ring without really doing anything (I would take that shot in a heartbeat).

It’s a thought, a crazy one at that, but you never know what will happen in the NFL.

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