The last 4 Teams Live By The 3

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville


The NBA Conference Finals are in full swing (which you can hear on flagship 102.5 this week), and the 4 teams remaining have a common strength….the long ball. Long ball? I know it’s baseball speak, but it’s the best way to describe the play off teams that have rose to the top of the NBA. The Rockets, Warriors, Hawks, and Cavaliers were the top 4 teams in the NBA statistically this season in 3 point makes and attempts, a key reason each team has advanced this far.

Just last year, the San Antonio Spurs played “old man basketball” by moving the ball around with precise passing, and taking open looks. This year however, the teams atop not only find space on the floor to shoot the 3, but they find ways to make that space as well. Locally, the Memphis Grizzlies looked like a team destined to knock off #1 seed Golden State. Memphis, like years past, did not have enough perimeter shooting like the final four teams remaining to knock off the MVP Steph Curry. Is this a changing of the tides in the NBA?

It may be a one year fling in the NBA playoffs , but if teams continue to approach this philosophy  it could be the new norm. All you see on highlight shows now are dunks, player  celebrations, and 3’s, and the final 4 teams have plenty of those.

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