Another Patriot bites the dust

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The Patriots aren’t fooling around with second chances or bad publicity anymore. After less than a month into his reunion with the team, linebacker Brandon Spikes was released Monday morning as the Massachusetts State Police investigate an accident involving a vehicle registered to his name.

What Happened:

Shortly before 3:30AM, police responded to a report of an abandoned 2011 Mercedes Maybach (registered to Brandon Spikes) on the median of I-495.

Nearby, passengers in a 2007 Nissan Murano reported to police they had been rear-ended by a vehicle they could not see. The 51-year-old man, 32-year-old woman, and 12-year-old boy were all transported to the hospital to checked out. Spikes is now a suspect of the hit-and-run.

First time offender?


Brandon Spikes was a member of the 2009 National Championship team at Florida. While there he attempted to gouge the eyes of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey. Originally he was given a half-game suspension against Vanderbilt, but was then upgraded to a full game suspension under Head Coach Urban Meyer.

In 2010, the Patriots drafted Spikes in the 2nd round (62 overall) alongside Devin McCourty, Rob Gronkowski, and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez. As a rookie, he played in 12 games before landing a 4 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs.

Spikes released a statement, as published on the official Patriots’ Twitter page:

“I’ve been contacted by the NFL and informed that I will be suspended 4 games for the detection of an illegal substance in a drug test. The substance was a medication that I should have gotten clarification on before taking. It was not a performance enhancer or an illegal drug. The integrity of the game is very important to me. I understand the league’s ruling and apologize to my teammates, the fans and the Patriots organization for this mistake.”

Why not wait?

Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, already has too much on his plate trying to protect the image of his franchise. Deflate Gate continues to be an ongoing problem, along with Aaron Hernandez and his murder trials. Brandon Spikes was replaceable; they won a Super Bowl without him. No need to be criticized for keeping a potential hit-and-run suspect on your roster.

How do you solve this problem?


Stay away from Urban Meyer recruits.

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