Stillman and Callahan: 7 days of Mayoral Candidates featuring Charles Robert Bone

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville

Stillman and Callahan: Nashville Mayoral Candidate Charles Robert Bone

Jared Stillman and Tom Callahan have the wonderful opportunity to meet with the 7 Nashville Mayoral Candidates over the next week. Charles Robert Bone joined us in studio this morning to talk sports, the growth of the city, and changes he would make as the next mayor.

Charles Robert Bone is an entrepreneur, attorney, and business owner who has been active in community leadership and public service for more than two decades.

He believes that Nashville is well positioned to build upon the progress, growth, and momentum of the last several years, and that we must proactively invest in our city in a fiscally responsible way that benefits each and every unique neighborhood and community within Davidson County.

Community Involvement:

A seventh generation Tennessean, Charles Robert is active in community leadership, chairing and serving on several non-profit boards demonstrating a commitment to education, assisting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and supporting the non-profit leaders of our community. Charles Robert and his wife, Sacha, have four kids (ages 13-5)


Charles Robert’s legal practice at Bone McAllester Norton PLLC focuses on the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and advising emerging businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate offices and directors, and government entities. 

Developed several companies and created  jobs as an adviser, investor, and board member.

Also part of the ownership team of two of Nashville’s most successful new restaurants.



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