2015 NFL Quarterback Tiers

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2015 NFL Quarterback Tiers

The NFL Quarterback Tiers

The times they are a changin’. No longer does Peyton Manning and Drew Brees dominated the ranks of quarterback supremacy in the NFL. No, no, no. It’s now a man with an insurance company around his waist and another bearded signal caller with a flip phone.

Here’s how I see the the quarterback tiers in 2015.

The Elite 

Arron Rodgers 

– Has it all, from Olivia Munn to the best arm in the game

Andrew Luck

– Smart, sneaky athletic, wins and did I mention smart

The Cut Below

Tom Brady
– 37 years old and a defending Super Bowl Champ
Ben Roethlisberger
– 2 time Super Bowl Champion who threw 12 TDs in two weeks last season
Joe Flacco
– A Super Bowl Champ who makes the Ravens a winning football team every year
Phillip Rivers
– Does more with less of an offense better than anyone in the league besides Tom Brady

The 3rd Tier 

Peyton Manning
– There’s a reason, other than a quad injury, that the Broncos fizzled last season. Father Time
Drew Brees
– The core group in New Orleans is diminishing, no Jimmy Graham = a problem
Tony Romo
– Can’t move up from this group until Tony moves up in the playoffs
Eli Manning
– 2 time Super Bowl champ who’s like a woman… great one day (winning), an emotional wreck the next (interceptions)

Middle Ground

Russell Wilson
-Super Bowl Champ with a great running back and a great defense. Not hatin’, just sayin’
Matthew Stafford
– Has the best WR in football but can’t advance in the playoffs

Matt Ryan

– back to back 4 win seasons isn’t a great look. Matty Ice still has time to Rise Up
Cam Newton
– Once Carolina puts weapons around Cam, he can climb to the next tier
Colin Kaepernick
– Not his fault his team retired and coach that drafted him left. Talented QB with a deteriorated team

Not There

Ryan Tannehill
– A .500 QB that has made strides each year in the league turning from an athlete playing QB into an athletic quarterback
Andy Dalton
– Win a playoff game and we’ll talk
Alex Smith
– used goods that is manning a mediocre team
Jay Cutler
– Well payed but inconsistent with his attitude and on-field success
Carson Palmer
– ACL tear derailed a great season for Arizona. At age 35, he’ll try to replicate the Cards record from a year ago


Robert Griffin III
– The NFL has tape on RG3 and his Baylor ways have resulted in losses or injury
Nick Foles
– New team, new opportunity will justify Foles ranking in this league
Sam Bradford
– I’m as sure of Sam Bradford as I am of his two ACL’s
Geno Smith
– 25 Touchdowns, 34 Interceptions
Josh McCown 
– A backup quarterback that keeps getting starter opportunity
Brian Hoyer
– see Josh McCown

Wait and See

Derek Carr
– The most hope the Raiders had had since… Rich Gannon
Blake Bortles
– Team needs to get better before Bortles can
Teddy Bridgewater
– Best first year of this draft class
Johnny Manziel 
– Rehab hopefully made Johnny football a better person, now he needs to become a better quarterback

New Beginnings

Jameis Winston

– Has good receivers around him but his main problem will be his offensive line

Marcus Mariota

– Ken Whisenhunt’s job will be to put Mariota into positions to thrive like he did at Oregon


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