Stillman and Callahan: 7 days of Mayoral Candidates featuring David Fox

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville

Jared Stillman and Tom Callahan have had the wonderful opportunity to meet with all 7 Nashville Mayoral Candidates over the past week. David Fox joined us on Tuesday to talk sports, the growth of the city, and changes he would make as the next mayor.

Fox first began his professional career as a floor trader in Chicago before working as a broker in Nashville. He left his job at New York-based hedge fund management firm Titans Advisors to run for mayor.

He talks a lot about strengthening the city’s infrastructure, whether it’s public transportation, sewers or sidewalks.

A past chairman of the Metro school board, Fox also believes more needs to be done on the education front, having called for a discussion on expanding charter schools. He argues shortcomings in Nashville’s school system are reasons the city must rely on taxpayer incentives to attract companies.

Age: 53

Education: University of Virginia

Career highlights: Titan Advisors, co-founder of Nashville Post, former Metro School Board chairman

Family: Wife, Carrington; three sons, Oscar, Julius and Simon

Neighborhood: Whitland



Stillman and Callahan: Nashville Mayoral Candidate

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