Titans Night Practice: Marcus Mariota

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Titans Night Practice: Marcus Mariota

I had a chance to attend the Tennessee Titans fourth day of training camp on Monday night. Over 2,000 fans showed up to see the team but more importantly they were there to see one man, Marcus Mariota. The number two overall draft pick has impressed from the moment he stepped foot at St. Thomas Sports Park. From studying the playbook, to in the locker room, to now on the practice field.

I like to call Mariota, Ken Whisenhunt’s pretty new pet. Wiz is a happier person when he’s around him and training camp is the first opportunity for the Titans coach to show off his prized possession. Don’t get me wrong, preseason games are still to come and then a trip to Tampa but for now Whisenhunt is very pleased with his Heisman trophy winner.

Mostly during the practice, Mariota stayed put in the pocket and delivered throws efficiently within the tackle box. He gets the ball out of his hands very quickly and puts it in spots where wide receivers, not defensive backs, can make a play.

Mariota has this glow about him. He’s the guy that your eyes are locked on when he’s on the field. He’s just smooth. For the last few years, Titans fans have been dealing with a skittish Jake Locker, ducking defenders, trying to make plays, and then ultimately getting injured.


It’s clear to see who the savior is. The fun part will be finding out if it’s true.


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