The Picks are In!

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The Picks are In!

On Thursday’s edition of Darren McFarland and Derrick Mason, the boys and their producer, Chase McCabe, made their NFL picks for 2015.

NFC Darren Derrick Chase
South Falcons Falcons Falcons
North Packers Packers Packers
East Eagles Giants Eagles
West Seahawks Cardinals Seahawks
WC 1 Cardinals Seahawks Cowboys
WC 2 Vikings Lions Vikings
Champ Eagles Giants Packers
AFC Darren Derrick Chase
South Texans Colts Colts
North Ravens Ravens Ravens
East Patriots Patriots Patriots
West Broncos Chiefs Chiefs
WC 1 Chiefs Broncos Texans
WC 2 Colts Steelers Texans
Champ Broncos Colts Colts
Super Bowl Broncos Giants Packers

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