To be or not to be… A professional player or father

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To be or not to be...  A professional player or father

That is the difficult decision Chicago White Sox 1B Adam LaRoche faced, playing out a 13 million dollar guaranteed contract or have has son be by his side at work. LaRoche chose the latter, and that is okay… When asked to reduce the amount of time his son Drake spent in the clubhouse by White Sox Executive Vice President Ken Williams, LaRoche decided to choose the quality time with his son. Some have said that it is a situation where there are NO VILLIANS…  And that may be right, and there doesn’t have to be, both sides can be right… The decision for LaRoche to retire was his to make and he explains his side of the side here on a letter he posted on twitter. 

As a father I understand Adam LaRoche’s side…  as a Manager of a business well I can understand the business side as well…  We all make choices, and I respect LaRoche’s.

Jeremy Bennefield – Program Director ESPN 102.5 The Game / 94.9 Game 2


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