LeBron James unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter

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LeBron James unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter

Only in today’s media-obsessed world could this be a headline.

After recording his second triple-double of the season in a win against the Denver Nuggets in Cleveland Monday night, LeBron James gets asked post-game about why he un-followed his own team on Twitter.

James has been known to distance himself from all things social media in preparation for the post-season in order to hone his focus; more than likely, this whole un-following “controversy” is simply the beginning of his Twitter blackout tradition.

Still, the response that James gives when the question is asked of him coupled with recent Tweets from his account that have Cleveland fans doubting his commitment leave a small amount of doubt.

Nothing will likely come of this, but the exchange between the the reporter and James is so hugely uncomfortable in the best of ways that you cannot take your eyes off of it.

As for Twitter, never have truer words been spoken than when the great comedian Dennis Miller said, “never have lives less lived been more chronicled.”


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