Athletes and media personalities react to Dallas shootings

Nashville, TN, United States / The Game Nashville

In the wake of the recent questionable police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Louisiana and Minnesota, more tragedy has arisen.

A peaceful protest in Dallas, TX against national police brutality Thursday night turned violent. Shooters descended upon the Dallas police force monitoring the demonstration. 11 officers were wounded in the chaos; five of those officers died at the scene or from wounds sustained trying to combat the threat.

According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, 10 of the policemen were shot by snipers during the protests and the 11th officer was shot during an exchange of gunfire with a suspect. Brown added that, at this time, the number of suspects involved in the attack is still unclear but DPD took three suspects into custody while a fourth suspect exchanged gunfire with law enforcement for a considerable time period after the initial shootings at a downtown parking garage.

CNN reported that the fourth suspect was killed during that time.

As there always is with these kind of awful affairs, athletes and notable local & national personalities took to Twitter to express their grief at the violence and give their condolences to those involved. Many of these individuals took definitive stances on the Civil Rights implications of the killings of both Sterling and Castile, but did not hesitate to emphasize that one injustice does not warrant another.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry also shared her sympathy for the tragedy in Dallas on behalf of Music City, expressing the need for cooperation from all sides to resolve the issue of unjust killings in our society.

Sports personality and Nashville native Clay Travis, host of Outkick The Show and FOX Sports television personality, shared one of the more explicit social media amateur videos from a person on the ground in Dallas. WARNING: The content of the video below is unsettling to say the least. Viewer discretion is advised.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Dallas Police Force, the families of the fallen officers as well as the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The loss of human life is an utter catastrophe and does the kind of irreparable harm to any community that trancends personal opinion, faith or belief. 


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