Titans host family movie night, but forget to turn off sprinkler system…

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In what has seemed like an off-season geared toward repairing the relationship between Nashville’s NFL team and its forlorn fan base, the Tennessee Titans hosted a family movie night on the field at Nissan Stadium.

An exceptional idea. The weather was in full cooperation in the mid-70s and no concerts or events were scheduled to be held that particular weekend. It presented the ideal opportunity to promote customer engagement and family togetherness.

What could possibly go wrong?


Movie night. Thanks @titans

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Unfortunately, in true Titans fashion, the on-field sprinkler system malfunctioned and soaked unsuspecting families during the viewing of the movie, “Minions.” Luckily, for those of us not in attendance, we were able to witness the ensuing chaos via the wonders of social media.

The team, claiming error on the part of the system’s timing mechanism, apologized to fans in a statement made to The Tennessean:

“Some sprinklers went off for about 30-45 seconds in one quadrant of the field, which was unfortunate and unexpected since we had changed the timers for the sprinklers. We had a good turnout of our season ticket members and their families and realize it didn’t make for a great night for those who got wet, and for that we apologize.”

Though it ruined what was supposed to have been an enjoyable family experience, those of us familiar with this organization can only smile, laugh and take solace in the fact that, despite a front-office overhaul and change in coaching regime, the Titans can still be counted on to extinguish hope of new beginnings.


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